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Guides will walk the whole trail with the students - two guides for every 10 students. 

Assistants will help check people in and help out with snacks and drinks and driving kids back to the starting point if they need to stop.

Deon River Hike

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Participation Waiver

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General Donation

Only the first 100 student to sign up can participate 

You will need suitable walking shoes, comfortable clothes, a hat.  

It is best to bring a light back pack, snacks, and a water bottle. 

This is a 3 hour hike so it is best if you are in good shape and have done some training to get ready.  

If you are unable to do the whole hike there will be places that you can stop but if you do not complete the hike you will not earn the $25 gift certificate. 

Maximum Number of Students: 100
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