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Youth Fitness and Wellness Program

Walk with DEON

This program promotes a healthy lifestyle change. It incorporate nutritional counseling to encourage a healthy self-image. A healthy self- image leads to increased self-esteem, increased confidence and overall positive outlook on the future!


Mission Statement

To empower communities with positive avenues to address issues surrounding youth. DEON is an acronym that stands for Drugs, Education, Obesity and Nutrition. 


  • To teach our youth how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  • To teach our youth to take responsibility for their own health.

  • To promote academic success through good physical and mental well-being

  • To increase self-esteem and build self-confidence.



  • Assessment of current eating habits.

  • Assessment of current weekly exercise

  • Assessment of current nutritional knowledge base

  • Assessment of current knowledge of a healthy lifestyle


This is a performance measured program specifically designed to improve the health, wellness, and fitness of young people.


Program Strategies

  • BMI Assessments

  • Health and Wellness Activities

  • Exercise Activities

  • Recreational Activities

  • Nutritional Education

  • Parent Workshops


DEON Intervention Incorporated offers structured activities that provide opportunities for underprivileged youth to improve and/ or maintain healthy living. Therefore promoting good mental and physical well-being, as well as positive self-esteem.


Our Vision

Our fitness and wellness program aspires to motivate young people to develop healthier lifestyle.


D   -   Defy Drugs

E    -   Encourage Education

O   -   Outlaw Obesity

N   -   Nurture Nutritional Values







Kidz Club

DEON’S Kidz Club Kickoff at the TAB. This program is designed to teach nutritional awareness for foods we eat daily.


The purpose is also is to introduce the children to new as well as different foods that they may not be accustomed to eating.


Activities will includes nutritional workshops, cooking preparation of foods by the children and their parents, and field trips.


The Kidz Club will meet once a month except for the summer (June, July, and August).


All children  (ages 5-12) in the community are invited to join in with us.


The fee is $20.00 per child annually.


There will be discounts for families with multiple children.


DEON'S SUMMER CAMP 2017 will be announced soon. The camp will last from school closing through the third week in August.


The participants' ages are 5 through 15 years of age.


Activities will include but not limited to: daily lunch and snacks, arts and crafts, guest speakers, museum tours, physical fitness class, board games, healthy eating workshops, trip to the metro zoo, fishing trip, and much more.


The fee for the camp is $150.


DEON’S  ANNUAL 3-K WALK July 29, 2017, 8:00 am until 12:00 pm, at the TAB.  Our objective is to bring awareness to childhood obesity.


You may register to walk as an individual or in a group.


The cost is $15.00 for 18+, $10 for 13 to 17, $5 for 6 to 12 and FREE for 0 to 5 years old.  There will be a discount for group walkers.  


There will be lots of fun for all ages: bouncy house, face painting, door prizes, clown, healthy snacks, steppers to get you warmed up, music from our local radio station, as well as local celebrity.


Please come out to join. 


JOSEPH RUFFIN SCHOLARSHIP is awarded each year to a student at Southampton County High School and Hermitage High School for $300.00.


In order to be considered the student must have a parent or guardian that is disabled.


The student must write an essay detailing the pro and con having to deal with this situation while dealing with the pressure of going to school.


Periodically the organization takes the time to honor individuals who have made great contributions to the community in the areas of drugs, education, obesity, and nutrition.


Please keep watching for when this event will be announced.

DEON’S Toy Giveaway

 DEON’S Toy Drive is an annual event.


We have been able to serve over 100 families with toys at Christmas. We ask that you join us in this effort to help those less fortunate than we are.


Please contact us we need your help.




Deon Feeds 10 or more families with thanksgiving baskets that are in need.  This is not an annual event however based on donations DEON has provided Food Baskets during the Thanksgiving season.


Please feel free to contact us if you would like to become involved with this worthwhile activity.

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